Privacy Policy and Terms of Service offers a Web Data Connector service that intergrates Tableau and Facebook so Facebook Pages data can be visualised in Tableau services and tools

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You are free to use as you see fit for the task of visualising Facebook page data in Tableau. We do not take any responsibility for any terms or restrictions that Facebook or Tableau place on the use of their services.

While we will endeavour to produce the best open source product we can, we take no responsibility for the quality of this service and provide no guarantees. You use this service at your own risk.

The code for is released under the MIT license. You are free to use and extend our code under the terms laid out in the MIT license.

Privacy does not collect any personal indentifiable information or place any cookies on your machine.

The servers on which runs may collect your IP Address along with opperating system and browser information.

We do not share any data collected with any third parties, any data collected is simply used for the good running of our service.

We take no responsibility for any data collected or used by Facebook or Tableau.

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